• Outsourced IT Help Desk

    System Administration Support

    Mastermind has been providing IT Support & Services to over 50 startups and medium sized companies in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003. Our IT Services also covers India for customers who have multiple office requirements.

    Whether you running a Startup or a Small/Medium Sized business:
    Wouldn’t you be better off concentrating on your core business idea, rather than have IT Infrastructure worries that would make you spend your precious time in attending day-to-day issues.
    Wouldn’t you feel much better if you had someone who is present onsite to fix your Laptop, Desktop, Server, Network, ISP, Printer, File sharing, Critical Data Backup and Security, Licensing and all other IT issues that always bothers you?
    Wouldn’t you want an IT Partner to set your Long term IT goals and standardize, streamline, substantiate and economize your IT requirements and instill a long standing goals and work with your core team in achieving it, and that too without spending on a full time personnel?

    Mastermind Outsourced IT Help Desk Services takes the worry out of your IT needs.

    Onsite IT Infrastructure Support for startup’s
    Exchange-based Email Hosting
    Server and Desktop Virtualization
    Cloud-based Backups
    Linux/Unix Administration
    VoIP business phones
    NAS / SAN Storage Administration
    We provide services in various packages based on your IT needs.

    For a free on-site consultation and more details contact us

    Packages – For startups

    1. Desktop/laptop OS installation, configuration and support
    2. Desktop/laptop Hardware and Software upgrades and troubleshooting
    3. Integration of Email clients like Outlook for Windows, Entourage for Mac’s, Blackberry, iPhone’s and Android phones
    4. Network Printer, scanner, copier installation and configuration
    5. Anti-virus and spyware installation, configuration and cleanup of virus-infected systems.
    6. Automated backups scheduling and monitoring
    7. Configuring network resources (drives, shares, etc.)
    8. Supporting VoIP phone networks.
    9. Setting up conference phone systems, live meeting support and video conferencing.
    10. Interaction with ISP’s and vendors for hardware, software, data and voice warranty and troubleshooting
    11. Configuring DSL, T1, Wi-Fi, routers, switches and VPN for remote access for remote users.
    12. Setting up Windows domain servers for network login, file servers, configuring hosted Exchange outside the organization for minimal administration, QuickBooks servers, FTP servers etc.
    13. Simplified server backup strategy for startups
    14. Installation and configuration of Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat, SUSE Linux) desktops and servers for the development environment

    Packages for Small businesses:

    All of the above (for Startups) PLUS
    1. In-house exchange installation, configuration and support
    2. Co-location and data center support (power, UPS, racking, remote monitoring, 24/7 support, etc.)
    3. Configuring network VLAN’s for separation of development network from the production network, etc.
    4. Configuring DMZ for hosting services to customers
    5. Onsite and offsite backup strategy.
    6. Cisco router installation, monitoring, backup and maintenance.
    7. Cisco VoIP phone network support
    8. VMware ESX server installation, configuring virtual machines, etc.

    Our services include response times varying from a 2-hour engineer onsite based on the SLA signed up.

    For a free on-site consultation and more details contact us.

  • System Integration

    Source. Install. Integrate.

    Mastermind VFM specializes in End of Life (EOL) systems and spares. We integrate the software you are looking at in the most economical & dollar worth hardware to give you true Value for Money (VFM).

    Call our System Integration team at Mastermind to source, install and integrate anything from Oracle Sun, IBM P Series, HP UX, Dell, HP and Cisco networking equipment & WE WILL FIND IT FOR YOU at the most competitive prices and the quickest turnaround timelines found in the market.

    Upgrades & Standbys like Memory, Hard Drives, Add on Cards, Power Supplies, Motherboards, CPU’s etc., both New in the Box and Pulled Spares with a comprehensive One Year Warranty on all spares sold as options. Products with testing warranty / 30 Days Warranty are more cost effective.

    Quick Delivery: Why wait 6-8 weeks for delivery? Whatever the quantity and size of order, Mastermind delivers the FASTEST. With a large inventory our lead times are almost immediate. 

    Deliveries that require Import are taken personal care and our sales team works overtime to deliver them within 7-14 working Days. 
    If your company is a registered vendor, you don’t even need to pay in advance. Pay after you receive the spares.

    Delivery, anywhere & everywhere: Mastermind strives to deliver anywhere and everywhere in North America, India and Asia-Pacific.  For a nominal charge our tech team will be present for the desired delivery.

    Our goal is to treat every client, and every business partner with respect by being accurate, reliable, and morally accountable. When you interact with us you can expect courteous people, and quality-tested equipment delivered as promised, with value.

    Our Sales Team is always happy to help & is available at sales@mastermind.bz 

  • Annual Maintenance

    Mastermind Plus AMC Plans

    Mastermind Plus Maintenance Contracts provides extended support on all types of UNIX Servers (Oracle Sun, HP, IBM, Dell) and Storage devices. 

    With unmatchable Service level agreements our maintenance contracts include a “Full System Support” during downtime.

    Mastermind Plus AMC Plan:
    Special Maintenance Contract Solutions only at Mastermind
Plus AMC ensures that In case a machine incurs downtime due to any hardware failure, Mastermind extends a "Full System Support" either with the same Model or the upgraded Model of the Machine whilst the downtime, if required to offer maximum uptime.

    Contact sales@mastermind.bz for more information on how you can SAVE BIG with our AMC plans! 
  • Cloud Services

    Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration Services

    As one of the leading Office 365 migration consultant companies, Mastermind will help you migrate to Office 365 in a cost-effective, efficient and seamless way that will forever transform the way you do business.

    We offer extensive Office 365 migration consulting experience with 100% success.

    Moving any organization to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that requires expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting, and technical support. Mastermind: Office 365 Migration Solutions enable you to draw on Mastermind’s expertise and experience to migrate seamlessly to Office 365 – on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your business.

    Migrate to Office 365 with the Mastermind expertise and edge:

    The Mastermind migration team handles the entire migration and Onboarding experience for you, and can migrate you from any platform with no loss of data and with limited downtime. 

    Mastermind manages, supports and advises on all aspects of IT to help you cut costs and improve efficiency.
    Our team will take care of the account creation, the migration and provisioning of users, and the best practices to seamlessly migrate you onto Office 365. 

    Our team will also adapt and schedule the migration according to your specific needs. Meanwhile, your dedicated Onboarding agent will make sure you’re 100% up and running to your satisfaction before we consider you fully migrated.

    If your organization works in health care, insurance or accounting, you already know your legal obligation to comply with HIPAA, SOX and GLBA government regulations. 

    Types of Migration Supported:
    • Migrate all mailboxes at once (cutover migration) 
    • Migrate mailboxes in batches (staged migration)
    • Migrate using an integrated Exchange Server and Office 365 environment (hybrid)

    Network Design and Relocation Services

    Companies that want the most current business services without having to invest in significant capital expenditures are finding their answer in Cloud Services.

    Mastermind Cloud Services & Network Design:

    The Cloud offers three core benefits that Mastermind helps you unlock:
    1. Increases staff efficiency: by providing collaborative tools. Whether employees are across the hall or in different continents, we can taylor a system that will help increase productivity.
    2. Lowers IT support and maintenance costs: Managing the typical IT system in-house means budgeting for regular (and even unplanned) upkeep — from replacement hard drives and software upgrades to the technical staff that installs them. 
    3. Enhances Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) options: Maintaining your own hardware, software, and shared files is inherently risky; in the event of a fire or other disaster, your IT assets may be jeopardized!

    Mastermind tailors the “information and tools” and suggests you the right cloud solutions based on your needs and objectives.

    Mastermind Planned Relocation Services:
    Are you moving to a new location? 
    Are you looking for the right IT partners to help you plan your IT Migration?

    Mastermind offers a comprehensive support packages to help you plan your IT relocation smoothly. We carefully examine your current infrastructure and the proposed locational availability and harness the maximum potential of your new office.
    A guided and well planned step by step migration & relocation plan is offered as part of our services.

    Please contact us to know more about our services and offering.
  • IT Infrastructure

    Rental & Lease Solutions

    Mastermind specializes in UNIX/Linux Servers (SUN/Oracle SPARC, HP RISC and Itanium, IBM P Series AIX, SGI IRIX, Dell Linux), Windows Based Servers (Dell and HP), Storage Options, Backup Options, HBA Cards and other accessories and options. We custom build any server as per your specification.

    Rent from 1 Day to 1 Year with special promotional prices at Mastermind.

    Our Inventory includes: 
    (From End of Life/Support Servers for your SLA’s to the Latest range/models of servers for your production requirements)
    • SUN / ORACLE SPARC Workstations, Servers and Storage (Sun Fire, Sun Blade, Sun Netra, Sun T Series and M Series Servers and Storage)
    • IBM AIX P Series Servers (RS/6000, Power4, Power5, Power5+, Power6, Power7 Servers)
    • HP-UX Servers (Itanium Integrity and HP9000 Servers)
    • Silicon Graphics – SGI Hard to find spares and Octane Range of high end workstations
    • Dell Servers  - Dell PowerEdge Rack and Desk side Series up to highest possible cores/configuration available ex-stock
    • Complete Storage Solutions (Sun, HP, Dell, EMC) 
    • Exclusive Training Support (Any High End Solution for short term training setup also available

    Backed with Excellent Support Backup and a large inventory that ensures the shortest lead times. Why wait?  

    Contact us to get latest updates on our inventory and deals

  • Business Continuity, Audit and Security Solutions

    The Mastermind Approach

    Mastermind’s IT Audit, Training and Pre-Certification team works closely with customers to provide a comprehensive solutions on policies and best practices. 

    From a basic unmanaged cost center Mastermind helps organizations make their IT Infrastructure more automated, dynamic and eventually strategic assets. 

    Our services at client locations include: 
    System and Network Audits, Setting up Emergency Response Plans, User level policies, Service Level Agreements with vendors, procurement processes, Employee IT Information security Training, user level password protection programs, guidance on HIPAA and HITECH standards, helping with audit and processes towards certifying customers on ISO levels. 

    The Mastermind approach:
    Think Scalability
    Think Security
    Think Availability
    Think Economy and Ecology
    Think Flexibility 
  • Training Infrastructure

    Rental & Lease Solutions

    Mastermind closely works with authorized IT training facilities to provide the required infrastructure. Be it the most complex Cluster, Virtualization, SAN or Advanced Training hardware environment.

    Mastermind strives to provide the required Infrastructure hardware for your training. 

    Be it 1 Day, 5 Days or 1 Month, Mastermind delivers both on-site as well as remote labs. With an extensive knowledge on what’s exactly required for the training program, 

    Mastermind provides a personal touch to your training needs to achieve success. 

    Contact our Training Specialists to setup your Training Infra for a successful and smooth delivery....


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