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Mastermind has been providing IT Support & Services to over 50 startups and medium sized companies in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003. Our IT Services also covers India for customers who have multiple office requirements.

Whether you running a Startup or a Small/Medium Sized business:
Wouldn’t you be better off concentrating on your core business idea, rather than have IT Infrastructure worries that would make you spend your precious time in attending day-to-day issues.
Wouldn’t you feel much better if you had someone who is present onsite to fix your Laptop, Desktop, Server, Network, ISP, Printer, File sharing, Critical Data Backup and Security, Licensing and all other IT issues that always bothers you?
Wouldn’t you want an IT Partner to set your Long term IT goals and standardize, streamline, substantiate and economize your IT requirements and instill a long standing goals and work with your core team in achieving it, and that too without spending on a full time personnel?

Mastermind Outsourced IT Help Desk Services takes the worry out of your IT needs.

Onsite IT Infrastructure Support for startup’s
Exchange-based Email Hosting
Server and Desktop Virtualization
Cloud-based Backups
Linux/Unix Administration
VoIP business phones
NAS / SAN Storage Administration
We provide services in various packages based on your IT needs.

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Packages – For startups

1. Desktop/laptop OS installation, configuration and support
2. Desktop/laptop Hardware and Software upgrades and troubleshooting
3. Integration of Email clients like Outlook for Windows, Entourage for Mac’s, Blackberry, iPhone’s and Android phones
4. Network Printer, scanner, copier installation and configuration
5. Anti-virus and spyware installation, configuration and cleanup of virus-infected systems.
6. Automated backups scheduling and monitoring
7. Configuring network resources (drives, shares, etc.)
8. Supporting VoIP phone networks.
9. Setting up conference phone systems, live meeting support and video conferencing.
10. Interaction with ISP’s and vendors for hardware, software, data and voice warranty and troubleshooting
11. Configuring DSL, T1, Wi-Fi, routers, switches and VPN for remote access for remote users.
12. Setting up Windows domain servers for network login, file servers, configuring hosted Exchange outside the organization for minimal administration, QuickBooks servers, FTP servers etc.
13. Simplified server backup strategy for startups
14. Installation and configuration of Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat, SUSE Linux) desktops and servers for the development environment

Packages for Small businesses:

All of the above (for Startups) PLUS
1. In-house exchange installation, configuration and support
2. Co-location and data center support (power, UPS, racking, remote monitoring, 24/7 support, etc.)
3. Configuring network VLAN’s for separation of development network from the production network, etc.
4. Configuring DMZ for hosting services to customers
5. Onsite and offsite backup strategy.
6. Cisco router installation, monitoring, backup and maintenance.
7. Cisco VoIP phone network support
8. VMware ESX server installation, configuring virtual machines, etc.

Our services include response times varying from a 2-hour engineer onsite based on the SLA signed up.

For a free on-site consultation and more details contact us.

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